A Creative Process Advisory Firm - with a core passion and driving force for transformation through Creativity, Innovation and Growth


Creative Processes - Why?

Get the right things done right ! Creative processes are what we use whenever we perceive and solve a new problem. They are essential to navigate today's Complex Environment and Business Systems.
  • Creative processes are key to do the right things
  • Traditional business processes are key to do the things right
  • Combining the two will allow you to do the right things right
Hi3 assists you to work with Creative Processes and to integrate them into your overall business process framework, thereby creating new solutions, new proposals and a thriving organization.

Advisory Firm - Why?

Our advice are developed in a “High Involvement” way of working together with the client. Together, we make “it” better. Advice can take the form of:  
  • Inspiration through public speaking and professional networks
  • Training - building knowledge
  • High Involvement projects, for ownership, understanding and execution
  • Company-Wide transformation for Innovation and Growth
Hi3 advice and High Involvement way of working prepare you for the future. Navigating in Complex Environment and Business Systems demands a Creative Process Advisory Firm.

How it all began

Hi3 discovered that there are five challenges (five dysfunctions) common to many mature organizations. We also discovered that these challenges can be addressed by increasing the organization's problem solving capabilities.
Hi3-high-involvement-innovation-institute-Growth-MentalityChallenge 1:
Growth Mentality

In mature organizations there is a low pressure to change. Hi3 assists you on the journey to Establish a Growth Mentality.

Hi3-high-involvement-innovation-institute-Surf-UncertaintyChallenge 2:
Surf Uncertainty

When organizations grow, they lose much of their ability to handle uncertainty. Build your organizational capabilities to Surf Uncertainty together with Hi3.

Hi3-high-involvement-innovation-institute-3-Take-It-OnChallenge 3:
“Take it on!”

Creativity, innovation and growth can be threatening. We naturally strive for safety. With Hi3 you will expand your comfort zone and take on the most threatening challenges.

Hi3-high-involvement-innovation-institute-4-Spotlight-Knowledge-WorkersChallenge 4:
Spotlight Knowledge Workers

Hi3 has the processes, methods and tools enabling your organization to build a system leveraging the potential of the knowledge workers.

Hi3-high-involvement-innovation-institute-Leadership-BalanceChallenge 5:
Leadership in Balance

Many times, operational leadership is given unexpressed priority over the strategic and human side of leadership. Hi3 will help you balance your organizational leadership.

How to?

For the Individual...


In todays now,now,now economy new skills are asked for in a higher and more demanding way then ever before. People inspiration and growth are key for organizational problem solving.
  • Training - building knowledge
  • Speaking - broadcasting insights
  • Networks - experience exchange in real life
  • "Take it on!" - expand your comfort zone

Inspiration for the individuals, for the organization to leverage

Make an appointment to start your development process now.

For Many...


Creative problem solving and “High Involvement”. Experience our way !
  • Outside-in perspective - Learn to use Design Thinking and other techniques
  • Project for proactivity - Increase your organization’s ability to be proactive
  • Business Model Innovation - New ways to capture value
  • Business Process Innovation - New ways to improve performance
  • Measurements for success - What gets measured, gets done

A first step into the Future

Inspired! Contact us now to further explore best way forward for you.



Company-wide capabilities to perceive and solve problems, unleashing Innovation and Growth
Example of Focus Areas:
  • Growth Mentality => Establish a mentality that aspires and dares
  • Surf Uncertainty => Build your capabilities to thrive in complex environment and business systems
  • Spotlight Knowledge Worker => Transform the system to leverage knowledge workers’ potential
  • Leadership in Balance => Get the right things done right

A leap into the Future

Have your assistant book a meeting to explore how we can together design a transformation process for your organization.

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